Auchenharvie Academy -
However well we prepare our young people for life at secondary school, there will be times when they need a little extra help. Whether the problem is as simple as a forgotten or lost bag or as complex as a fall out with classmates, it’s good to know that our pupils and parents have somewhere to turn. There are many forms of support and help available to the pupils when they arrive in the school.
This initiative, which is now in its third year, is receiving very positive feedback from pupils and staff. A member of the teaching staff has full responsibility for the pastoral support of their register class. Because this is a small group, they have been able very quickly to get to know the pupils and build good relationships. 
This allows them to identify particular challenges any of our young people may be having and deal with them before they escalate.
Mrs ScottPastoral SupportTeacher 
Mrs Scott, teacher of Mathematics, volunteered to be a Pastoral Support Teacher and explains the initiative.
"As Pastoral Support Teacher for a class of 20 S2  pupils, I am responsible for the welfare, attendance and overall progress of the pupils in my care.  Being the class’ registration teacher also means the ten minutes we have together each morning gives me an ideal opportunity to build up and sustain a good relationship with each individual pupil.  For the pupils, I am the first person that they see each morning and this allows me the chance to identify any issues regarding attendance, behaviour or latecoming.  It also gives them the chance to raise any concerns or difficulties they are having both in and out of school.  Having this excellent relationship and daily contact allows me to contact parents quickly should problems arise, therefore creating a strong link between home and school.  This initiative is extremely beneficial to both staff and pupils and one that I thoroughly enjoy being part of."